Choosing, buying, setting up and maintaining musical instruments and devices can be a big challenge even for professional musicians and music-makers. It goes without mentioning beginners and amateurs who can easily get averted from the process of music making simply because they cannot handle the devices. Taking lessons and Googling information are both time-consuming, and sometimes useless tasks. Don’t despair – Musiety’s guide section is a real knowledge treasury for both professionals and starters.

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What can you teach me?

In fact, our guide section covers a large set of topics starting from the choice of musical instruments and finishing by playing them, setting them up and so on. Our readers can master the following concepts:
  1. How to select a musical instrument, device, or accessories? We will mention technical specifications, peculiarities, design, functionality and other key features of objects. With our articles, you’ll be able to figure out products that suit your needs best.
  2. How to set up musical instruments? Tuning a guitar or piano can be a hard task for starters, especially if there’s no suitable electronic device for that. We will explain how to tune your musical instrument step by step. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg! What about loop machines, MIDI-controllers, and other similar devices that require a lot of technical knowledge to be exploited? Well, we’ll teach you to handle those, too.
  3. Those who want to start playing their favorite songs are welcomed, too. Our guides will also cover lessons and tutorials dedicated to musical compositions.
  4. What about playing musical instruments and using the musical equipment? Our authors will show you how to master these skills, too.
  5. Besides, we’ll teach you to maintain musical equipment and care about it properly. Instructions are not enough to know every single detail about proper repairing and maintenance, but our articles cover every nook and cranny of these tasks.  The best instrument is a finely tuned instrument.
There’s no need to take expensive music lessons and surf through the Net in search of valuable information – Musiety has already made everything for you. Our articles are totally free and provide a myriad of valuable recommendations and guidelines. In “Guides” section you can find everything for becoming a real pro in music, starting from the choice of musical instruments and finishing by masterly performance.